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Ya Zahra (English Nawha)

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Added by Azadari in English Nauha Voices of Passion


English Nawha, "Ya Zahra" by Voices of Passion.

An English Noha about Hazrat Fatima. I do not own the song or the pictures.

Ya Zahra

Ya Zahra (4x's)

1. Oh the purest pious, lady of light
An example of dignity and might
How can we not shed a tear for you?
When we see the pain that you went through

2. From a young age you have faced tyranny
Felt great pain as you lost your baby
Suffered sorrow as your father left you
Yet you stayed strong we wish to be like you

3. Sayyeda tun-Nisa, Al-Alameen*
Your mother the arabs uncrowned queen
You're the center of the pure Ahlul-bayt*
Chief of all those mentioned ladies so great

By Mawla*'s side after Rasoolillah*
You stood up to the thugs of Madina
When the door came crushing down on you
Mohsin* taken cruelly away from you

Never been seen outside without your garb
Even in death, you showed the true Hijab*
But your daughters unveiled for all to see
Also uncovered: your son's headless body

*Sayeda tun Nisa, al-alemeen: Leader of the women of the Worlds
*Ahlul-bayt: Title given to the Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Imam Hassan, and Imam Hussain collectively. Literally "People of the House"
*Mawla: Title of Imam Ali meaning "Master"
*Rasoolilah: Title of the Prophet Muhammad meaning Messenger of Allah
*Mohsin: This was the name of Hazrat Fatima's unborn son who was miscarried due to her injuries from the attack on her home.
*Hijab: The Islamic concept of modesty

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