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Where has my 'Abbas gone? (English Noha)

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Added by Azadari in English Nauha Voices of Passion


English Noha "Where has my 'Abbas gone?" by: Voices of Passion
Artwork by Various artists

A Noha about Abu Fadhl Abbas

Noha Lyrics:

Where has my Abbas gone
Where has my Abbas gone

Oh Abbas you were my uncle
Oh Abbas you were my brother
Oh Abbas you were my son
Like you there was no other
You went to search for water
You searched so far and wide
You went for your brothers daughter
In your search for her you died

You hear the thirsty children
You hear them and you hurt
Their hopes are slowly dimming
So you ride out to Furaat
Your brother was your master
Before him you'd never drink
To Furaat you rode much faster
For Ruqayyah you only think

The thirst how it pains them
You hear it in your mind
"Al atash" uncle Abbas
Why were they so unkind
Your mushk is full of water
You turn to the camp of Husayn
You're bringing this for his daughter
But you never see her again

Oh Yazid may Allah curse you
You denied Hussein some water
You killed his six month son and
You tortured his little daughter
Shackled and abused her
Look her earrings have now gone
She asks her headless father
"Where has my Abbas gone?"

Oh Zainab where's your brother
The one who stood by you
His support was like none other
His heart was pure and true
Look Zainab to the river
Look there and you will moan
For there is the children's saviour
Butchered and all alone

Oh Muslims when you're thirsty
Remember the thirst of Abbas
He rode out to the river
But would not break his fast
If Husayn has not had water
And Ruqayyah's lips are dry
Then Abbas will not have water
Then Abbas would rather die

Oh Abbas the selfless brother
You showed such qualities
The bravery of your mother
The patience of Ali
This world so many suffering
There is just so much wrong
Now we're your ummah asking
Where has my Abbas gone

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