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Lion of Allah (English Noha)

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Lion of Allah By: Voices of Passion

An English noha about Imam Ali. I do not own the noha or the artwork. I just assembled the video.

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Oh Lion of Allah

Jibraeel cried out in such sorrow
They have murdered Ali, they have killed the Wali
The commander of the faithful has been struck in sujood

Oh you who love the Ahlul-bayt cry out and shed your tears
We have lost the one who gave, sadqa in his prayers
Beat your chests in remembrance of the great Mawla Ali

Oh Muslims Hassan and Husayn have been orphaned today
Abbas clenches his heart in pain as his father passes away
Zainab and Kulthum in tears, sobbing where his head lay

Cries can be heard from Kufa to Jannat-ul-Baqi
Cries can be heard from the Kaaba calling in unity
The ones you fed with your hand call out "Nade-Ali"

Maula you were in sajdah
Blood flowing from your head
Your killer at your mercy yet by example you led
Eimaan and patience on display, you showed mercy instead

You're the keeper of knowledge bestowed by Ar-Raheem
You're the rope sent by Allah, to help us hold to our deen
The one who called "Salooni" now resides with the supreme

Wali: means "friend". In this case "Wali of Allah" when talking about Imam Ali
Sujood: Placing the forehead on the ground during Islamic prayer
Ahlul-Bayt: The title of the family of the Prophet (a.s.). Literally "People of the House"
Sadaqa: Charity
Mawla: Master
Jannatul Baqee: The graveyard in Madinah where Imam Hassan and many other Imams are buried.
Nade Ali: The dua meaning "Call on Ali". The Prophet recited this dua during the battle of Khyber and Imam Ali came and led the Muslims to victory.
Sajdah: Same as Sujood
Eimaan: Purity in belief
Ar-Raheem: One of the 99 names of Allah. Meaning the Merciful
Deen: Religion
Salooni: Imam Ali was the keeper of infinite knowledge of Allah, Rasoolullah, and this Universe. He said to the people: "Salooni, Salooni, Qabla untuf Qadooni," which means "Ask me, Ask me, before I go Away."

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