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ISIS Of Ali's Time; Blind Leading The Blind - Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

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-The four important Masajid in the world: Masjide Kufa, Masjid ul Haraam, Masjide Nabawi, Masjid ul Aqsa
-These great Masajid were the shell that covered the pearl that is known as Imam Ali (A.S).
-Masjid Kufa was the capital of Imam Ali's rulership.
-History in the past related to what is going on in Iraq today.
-Background of ISIS in what happened with Imam Ali
-ISIS: extremist, wahabi salafi group. Same roots as Al-Qaeda
-Main goal: killing Muslims who do not share their views. Other muslims other than themselves are considered kaafir.
-This loose application of kufr makes ulema describe them as Takfiri- a group that gives the label of Kaafir to others.
-They established their Khilafah on the land where the Khawarij began in Siffin. They emerged as bitter enemies of Imam Ali (AS)
-This flawed idea of the Khawarij started as Siffin, where the Khawarij realzied that they were going to lose. They put the Quran on their spears. Once they do that, there will be confusion in the forces of Ali. Once the division takes place, the battle is lost. Imam Ali asked for a peaceful resolution beforehand, but Muawiya rejected.
-Imam Ali knew the people he was fighting against because he grew up with them. They were using the Quran with the wrong intentions. They were deceiving the forces of Imam Ali.
-Imam Ali sent a messenger to Malik al Ashtar, and said to stop. Malik said that give us an hour and we will finish them. The messenger said to Malik that if you want to see your Imam alive, go back. The trick of Amr bin Aas worked.
-Imam Ali had to accept arbitration. Imam Ali refused to accept any deal that went against the principals of the Quran. Fitna after Fitna occured on that day.
-Once this group that forced Imam Ali realized their mistake, everything went into Chaos. This group did not go to Kufa with Imam Ali, and they opposed Imam Ali.
-They would go to Masjid e Kufa when Imam Ali would be doing Khutba, they would be shouting their slogan: "Judgement belongs only to Allah"
-They used to have seperate Namaze Jamaat to express their opposition of Imam Ali.
-Hadith in Sunni books by the Prophet: Oh Ali, no one loves you but a Mumin. No one hates you but a Munafiq.
-Their mentality was that they had no respoect for Muslims. What we see now is what is happening with Taliban and Al-Qaeda. They are the ideological decendents of the Khawarij.
-When people move away from the Ahlul Bayt, this is what happens. They are the comrades of Ibn Muljim, the person who killed Amirul Mumineen.
-Ibn Muljim was in Kufa to kill Imam Ali. He spent some time there looking for an opportunity to kill Imam Ali. Imam Ali's officers noticed him walking around with a sword. Ibn Muljim would murmur that he would kill Ali. Imam Ali said: "How do I kill someone who is going to be my murderer, someone who hasnt killed me yet?"

"There are four important masajid in Islam, all of which have a connection with Ali. He was born in Masjidul Haram, his home opened into Masjidun Nabi, the zarbat which ended with his Shahadat took place in Masjid-e-Kufa. The great masajid of the world of islam, are all part of the shell that covered the pearl that is Ali ibn abi talib"

"What is happening now in Iraq & the background of ISIS is connected to what happened with Amirul Mumineen in Iraq itself. You'll be able to trace the intellectual roots of all these groups back to teh group known as the Khawarij. The Taliban and ISIS are the modern day Khawarij."

"Imam Ali about Muawiyah and Amr ibn Aas and other opponents in Siffin: They are not the people of religion or followers of the Qur'an...I grew up with them...They were worse of the children and worse of the adults. When they talk of the Quran now, they're using the right words with the wrong intentions."

"People in Siffin were decieved. This is where we see the Madhlumiyyat of Ali. They said that the opponents were raising Qur'ans and we won't fight them. They did not realize they are actually face to to face with the living Qur'an.

"The Khawarij are the intellectual ancestors of Taliban and ISIS. And they are the modern day, ideological descendants of the Khawarij."

"If Ali was a modern day politician, he would have had Ibn Muljim arrested, coaxed a confession, and carried out a pre-emptive strike, to put it in todays terms. Instead he says 'How can I kill someone who will be my murderer if he has not yet killed me?' "

"What would we have done if we were there? On one hand, you see people from the Muslum ummah raising the Quran. On the other hand you see people who are supposed to be 'religious'. They did not realize that they were face to face with the living Quran."


Laylatul Qadr - 19th Night Ramadhan 1435
Recited By: Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Date: July 16th, 2014

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