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Hussain Ya Mawla (English Noha)

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Added by Azadari in English Nauha Voices of Passion


English Noha "Hussain Ya Mawla" by Voices of Passion
Photographs by various artists

A noha about the Tragedy of Karbala

Noha Lyrics:

Chorus 1
Husayn ya Mawla
ya Mawla ya Mawla

Thirsty Ruqayyah
Thirsty Abdullah
We just need water
Father some water
Where's your flag bearer
Son of Fatima

Husayn's all alone
Shah Qasim has gone
Ali Akbar's gone
Abu Fadhil's gone
Even Abdullah
Husayn Wawaylah

Zainab cries Allah
Where's Aba Abdillah
Where's Ali Akbar
Where is Abdullah
Where's my alamdar
Where's my flag bearer
Where's my protector
Where is my Abbas

Now the tents on fire
Shackled Ruqayyah
Zainab you have seen
Zainul Abideen
Ill and locked in chains
Zahra cries in pain
My Husayn is slain
Where is my Husayn

Your head on a spear
My eyes filled with tears
Your body trampled
Why were they so cruel
And it still hurts me
That you died thirsty

Zahra cries Husayn
Zainab cries Husayn
My tears cry Husayn
My heart cries Husayn
Husayn cries out last
Where is my Abbas

Chorus 2
Abbas flag bearer
flag bearer flag bearer

Children cry in thirst
Where is my Abbas
Abbas cries in pain
Children I've been slain
I can't bring water
For you Ruqayyah

Cries of "al atash"
But I am Abbas
I will bring water
For Husayn's daughter
But they've ambushed me
Master forgive me

He won't quench his thirst
For Husayn comes first
With his arms cut off
Still won't taste a drop
Blinded by arrow
I cry in sorrow

Women and children
Were slapped and beaten
Children cry in fear
Zainab full of tears
Oh my brother dear
I wish you were here

Saviours of Islam
I send my salaam
Upon you master
When I drink water
All my love for you
And my life for you
I will beat my chest
I will never rest
I will give my life
I will sacrifice
In my life always
Your flag is raised high

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