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Father of Young Roqqaiyah (English Noha)

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Added by Azadari in English Nauha Voices of Passion


English Noha "Father of Young Roqqaiyah" by: Voices of Passion
Artwork by Various artists

A Noha about various martyrs of Karbala

Noha Lyrics:

Father of young Ruqayya; Akber, Asghar and Sajjad
Brother to al-Mujtaba, and abul-Fadhil Abbas

"Al-Atash" Rukayya cried; thirst apparent in her eyes; Allah-Allah
"Al-Atash" Rukayya cried; sorrow in her father's eyes; Allah-Allah
"Al-Atash" Rukayya cried; verve is in Abbas's eyes; Allah-Allah
"Al-Atash" Rukayya cries, her eyes meet Abbas's eyes, Allah-Allah

Ruqayya's hopes began to rise, her uncle would heed her cries
The children gathered around; watched the flag fall to the ground
From that point until her death, al-Atash had left her breath

Allahu Akber the adhaan came; the morning of the main campaign; Allah-Allah
Akber stood facing falsehood; ready to fight protecting good; Allah-Allah
Like the Prophet in every way; How did his father give him away; Allah-Allah
To battle he rode unconstrained; uncle Abbas had him well trained; Allah-Allah

Husayn went running at his behest; the spear embedded in his chest
If Ali looked down, he'd cry; what evil my son must defy
Husayn pulled out that metal shard; the gates of Khayber weren't that hard

"Hal-min nassir yansurunaa"; calling out to the shia; Allah-Allah
Asghar's lips so dry with thirst; denied by that army cursed; Allah-Allah
Took that baby to the tent; showed them what their treatment meant; Allah-Allah
Those few that still had some heart; ran towards river Furaat; Allah-Allah

Hurmala raised his arrow; about to cause such great sorrow
The tiny throat no longer cries; this soul with Allah resides
The ground and sky are so aggrieved; that kind of blood they don't receive

Battle over, one man remains; tied up in hot burning chains; Allah-Allah
With inner strength he maintains calm; for now he is the true Imaam; Allah-Allah
Tortured and dragged through the street; this story he does repeat; Allah-Allah
The message spreads so far and wide; the message of Islam survives; Allah-Allah

Zainab and Imam Sajjad; sermons to Ibne-Ziyad
In Shaam young Ruqayya rests; with all the pain her wounds suggest
We await Al-Mehdi the holy guide; for only then will truth reside

Al-Hassan could not be there, but his letter his son did bare; Allah-Allah
Only an Imaam could know, such foresight Hassan did show, Allah-Allah
While he sought peace all his life, he knew his brother would face such strife; Allah-Allah
When Qasim sought to go and fight, that letter let him give his life; Allah-Allah

The young soldier could barely climb, on the horse even that time
In the battle he fell off his steed, Imaam rushed out to his need
Trampled Qasim is what he saw, but Imaam did not withdraw

Al-Atash Ruqayya cries; thirst apparent in her eyes; Allah-Allah
Permission Abbas does seek; he can't help but protect the weak; Allah-Allah
Haider's son so brave and pure; the flag held high and so assured; Allah-Allah
At the river would he drink first; horse nor man obey their thirst; Allah-Allah

He takes the mushk towards the tent; he must deliver its contents
The arrow hits his eye and bag; his arms cut off he drops that flag
Salaam on you brother Husayn; Islam's victory you must attain

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