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Everyday is Ashura and Every Land is Karbala (English Nawha)

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English Noha "Everyday is Ashura and Every Land is Karbala". I found this Noha on ShiaTV. It was assembled there by "The Fatimiyah Brothers". Artwork by various artists. I do not own any of the materials, I just assembled it.

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A noha about the tragedy of Karbala from the perspective of a Modern Muslim. For more information about Imam Hussain and Islam visit

Noha Lyrics:

Everyday is Ashura and Every land is Karbala (2xs)
Hussain Hussain we cry your name as we walk the path to Karbala (2xs)

We should all know the truth about a family that shines
About a family that Allah put for the guidance of mankind
He praised them Himself in his book the Ahlul bayt
He loves the one who loves them and has cursed the ones they hate

They are His beautiful names they are the most we can achieve
Every prophet from Adam to Jesus would believe
In the coming of these gates to God's generosity
But what would happen in the end to the sacred family

Their father would be backstabbed by his own friends
His daughter so young crushed and beaten in the end
Hassan would be poisoned and Ali stabbed and slain
But the worst was yet to happen to the youngest one Hussain

Oh Rasool it will pain you to hear what I will say
To hear what they did to your grandson on that day
He was left without a turban and no cloak could be found
No one to wrap his body or to put it in the ground

Ya Allahu, when the prophet took bay'a from the Muslim ranks
Did he know all the ways they'd betray him showing him their thanks
Ya Allahu, when the prophet took bay'a underneath the trees
Did he know that the Muslimeen would butcher his own family?

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain we're crying out your name
Begging for forgiveness showing you our shame
That on Ashura not a single Muslim came
You were crying "who will help me". Were the Muslims held in chains?

Or were they weak and indifferent in love with their lives
Hiding in their beds with their children and their wives
And so each drop of blood shed by those little boys
Who stood by their Imam was so that you could have your joys

There were Shimr and his hoards brandishing their swords
Hussain looked so calm he was thinking of his Lord
Shimr said: "Who will cut off the head of Ali's son?"
But when each looked at Hussain's eyes his heart told him to run.

They were fierce they could pierce they could see your very soul
They were the eyes of Ali and they held you in control
And though he lay there bleeding on the soil almost dead
No one would draw near to cut this noble man's head

He remembered Abbas who was so loyal to the end
He was his brother and his soldier none could find a truer friend
And when this man was bringing water fighting off the vicious band
They cut off his two arms and left him bleeding on the sand

And there were also the women whom he would leave behind
The women of the prophet whom the troops would drag and bind
The prophet had told her in her dream that this would be
But how could this have happened to the prophet's family?

Was there no one who cared? Was there no one who could hear?
To help the little son of Fatima she held so dear
Nearly 12,000 letters written begging to Hussain
Inviting him to come but now he's here and no one came

But Hussain was still there breathing in Tasbeeh
On the Sayed's broad chest Shimr sat where God could see
"Do you know who I am?" Hussain said and Shimr said
"You are the son of Ali and I will surely kill you dead."

"I'm going to kill you in thirst, I'm going to kill you withglee
I'm going to kill the son of Prophet and of Zahra and Ali."
And then he took out his sword and Hussain breathed his last
And this happens every year and it is not in the past

Then he cut off his head the heavens were screaming
Zainab fell to the ground she was hoping she was dreaming
She was left without a brother and no father at all
Just like your sisters today, do you not hear their call:

Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain we're crying out your name
Begging for forgiveness, showing you our shame
That on Ashura not a single Muslim came
You were crying "Who will help me" you're still crying outthe same

Ya Hussain, when the Muslim people called you and you took your stand
Did you know that brotherhood would vanish in the Muslim lands?
Ya Hussain when they killed your brother cutting off his hands?
Did you know that the dollar and its slaves would rule the Muslim lands?

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