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Dua Nudba

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'Dua' means 'to call or to seek help'. 'Nudba' means to cry or wail.

Dua is the weapon of the believer, the essence of belief and the connection between the Creator of the universe and his slaves.

This is an important and authentic Dua. It's deep meaning penetrates to the depths of the heart. This is enough proof that these are not the words of an ordinary person. They are uttered by the personality who has connection with the celestial world It is for the Imam of the time.

Let us see how the magnificent personality of Imam Asr (a.s.) is introduced in this Dua:"Where is the Last Proof of Allah. The one who is a link of the chain of guidance of the purified progeny of the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) without whose presence this system cannot remain? "The word 'Baqiyatullah' is used here. It is from the verse of the Holy Quran:"What remains with Allah is better for you if you are believers." (Surah Hud, Verse 86)It is evident that the world cannot be bereft of the Proof of Allah. And the one from the progeny of the Holy Prophet pbuh remaining of this earth is only our Imam Mahdi (a.s.).It is reported in the traditions,"If the Proof of Allah is not present the earth will sink."The earth is still remaining as it was. This proves the existence of a divine proof

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